Beta Textures Mod by Nalgash v1.0 (sds)





Mod contains:

- New roads + maps (not all)
- New sidewalks + maps (not all)
- Grass, ground and nature (autumn)
- Some walls like rock blocks + maps
- New sewers + maps
- Road barriers + maps
- Car headlights intensity and effect
- Car headlights textures + maps
- Windsor "Taxi" letters and black/white squares
- Bookshop book new textures
- Gunshop exterior new textures
- City Signs/advertising/posters (70% completed)
- Street mailbox and streetlamps (streetlamps only color)
- Cardboard boxes + maps
- Hot dog posters and Coca Cola sunshade
- Gas station + maps (not finished)

Hope you like it.

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Sazz said...

Everything works 100% Mode History and mode free ride. (I havent tested in Jimmys)

Only ground_leto decrease my fps because of my computer, but when I have got my new pc in these days, so it will be awesome to see the nice road.


Anonymous said...

Hey people, i need to know how to open SDS file

Please, HELP me :'(

Anonymous said...

How do you install this, when I tried the game crashes. you need some sort of program?? I just replaced the old files. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Listen everyone, just unpack the files, then copy themand move the SDS files to C:\program files86\2kgames\mafia 2/ PC

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