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Anonymous said...


Maybe you can squeeze the textures that appear stretched in the game. You only have to find out how much you have to sqeeze them.

Nalgash said...


Have done 2048x4096 texture to text what you say, I have extretched and duplicated 3 times to fill the full texture size, added some tricks with Photoshop, tiled it an saved as .dds

Taking into account that this big texture eats lof of performace, this is what I get.

Maxed // AF16x // 1680x1050 // 2MB jpeg

Normal view:


Zoomed with ingame zoom:


Normal view with old texture: 512x256px


Zoomed with ingame zoom: 512x256px


Nalgash said...


Improved texture gaining performance, lowered ress to 1024x2048px, added some photoshop tricks and edited leaves (now are bigger).

Normal view:


Zoomed with ingame zoom:


Looking better?

Anonymous said...

I think, it does look better.

Will you try this technique with the street texture as well?

Great work! Hang on!

kool said...

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Please Tell Me How can I extract Textures and Replace them with My Own!
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